Privacy Policy

This page informs you of the policy of working with the information that we collect about you from the pages of our site. We collect simple analytics about the actions of our visitors on the pages of our Site solely to improve the performance of the site and improve the quality of information on it.

I would like to immediately inform you that this site does not collect any personal information about you, does not require the creation of logins and passwords for access to information. We are exclusively an information resource that objectively talks about products for sexual health, expressing the opinions of the authors personally.

The site uses analytics to collect information about your IP, the pages you visited, the version of your browser, the amount of time spent on the pages. This is the log data that all Web sites collect. You can not worry about the fact that we can collect any personal information about you, this is possible.

There are no forms for entering your data on our site and we do not ask you to send any information about yourself. Cookies When you visit any site that allows the use of cookies, the data about this site is cached on our computer and we can collect what about you minimal information about the site visitor.

In any case, it is used only to improve the quality of site service. You can refuse to accept cookies files in the settings of your browser. Security We respect your desire to feel safe when visiting the site. We strive to provide such protection so that our visitors do not experience discomfort while working with the site.

We regularly scan our site for speed and security. Changes to the privacy policy We, as the authors of the site, reserve the right to change the privacy policy on this site at any time without notice.