Phallosan Forte True Results(Before/After Pictures) Documented[2023]

Penis Enlargement and Erectile Dysfunction Treatment that Works

Every man who wants to improve his life cares about his health and appearance. Equally important on the way to cardinal changes in men’s intimate health. A strong erection, intense orgasms, sexual stamina, and increased libido is what every man dreams of. Another criterion for excellent sex life is a fairly large penis. The penis size depends on male confidence, not only in bed but also in everyday life.

Today there are a huge number of ways with which you can increase the penis length and width naturally. Among the most popular methods of stimulating the growth of the penis is the use of special pumps, extenders, and supplements. I want to talk about penis traction in this Phallosan Forte review.

Many men prefer to choose biological supplements and pumping, done with a vacuum or water pump. Standard rod extenders fade into the background due to their inconvenience and are not practical.

Denote the number of points that are negatively reflected in the process of operation of the extender:

  • A lot of men claim that wearing rod extenders brings them several inconveniences. This is a fairly large device, which is fixed on the surface of the penis and its outlines are visible through clothing.
  • The inability to use the device at night.
  • There are very few safe and certified extenders on the market that is not capable of causing negative side effects. Suppose the user is not familiarized with the extender’s instruction manual. In that case, he risks obtaining various kinds of mechanical damage in the form of sprains, hematomas, bruises, scratches and even bruises.
  • Almost all penis extenders have a similar design, which operates according to the same principle, and the unique capabilities of devices declared by manufacturers are just fake.

Phallosan Forte(PLUS) Unique Technology Reviewed

Despite the ubiquitous similarity of all expansion systems, there is an extender that skillfully combined two technologies to influence the problem of small penis size – vacuum pumping and penis traction. Due to the new, more advanced design, the process of expanding the cave tissues of the penis is several times faster and more efficient, not to mention a high degree of safety.

The manufacturer of Phallosan Forte is a German company that is popular and reputable all over the world(Swiss Anna Ansalt). Millions of men all around the world use this device. Due to the unique features of the expander, it is completely invisible under clothing.

The principle of the extender work is based on the stretching of the cellular tissues of the penis, due to the activation of blood circulation in the pelvic organs. The vacuum effect of the sucker additionally stimulates the blood flow, due to which it is possible to get rid of all the negative manifestations and symptom of erectile dysfunction.

Quick Note
In the development process of Phallosan Forte, the manufacturer used an advanced technology that is 100% safe at the time of exposure to the penis. High-quality materials and reliable design completely exclude the likelihood of negative adverse reactions in the body.

Phallosan Forte Results(Before/After) pictures

Phallosan Forte results before pictures

Here are my pictures of Phallosan Forte results. Above are my before results.

Phallosan Forte after results pictures

Here is the final result with Phallosan Forte. Here are my pictures

Phallosan Forte Device Configuration

Phallosan Forte(PLUS) vacuum extender consists of a complete set of elements and accessories that are created to provide maximum comfort, safety, and efficiency for users.

The set offered three options for vacuum suction bells, which differ in size(S, M, L). Accordingly, the selection of the most suitable variant of the working chamber occurs after the acquisition of the extender.

A special spring provides maximum stretching of the penis. For the vacuum unit to start operating, the manufacturer has included a special belt, which is fixed with the help of a loop located at the end of the tip. The belt runs along the entire circumference of the hips and buttocks, ensuring the device’s tension.

The manufacturer attaches detailed instructions on using the device to this kit of accessories. Another addition to Phallosan Forte the package is the measuring ruler for accurate determination of the penis size.

In order to assemble a full-fledged device, the client needs to examine the scheme, which is detailed in the manufacturer’s recommendation sheet. After selecting the nozzle, according to the size of the penis, you should attach a ring and spring to its base. Next is the fixation of the belt through the ring and adjusting the size of the suction belt. Everything is quite simple and fast.

How to Measure Penis Size with a Measuring Device
There is a special measuring ruler in the Phallosan Forte packaged.

To measure the length of the penis, you need to attach the edge of the ruler to the pubic bone, tightly pressing it to the surface of the body. Maximally aligning the penis and stretching the ruler along the length of the penis, look at the label that is located opposite the end of the penis head.

To measure the diameter of the penis, it is necessary to find the widest area and, with the help of the same ruler, determine its circumference.

How to Use the Phallosan Forte Device for Best results

The principle of using the device is quite simple, safe, and effective. It is necessary to study the detailed instructions, which describe all the moments of the correct fixation and usage.

The man can fix the device on the surface of the penis after selecting the size of the working suction bell and assembling all the elements of the extender. Simply place the penis inside the working chamber and fix the belt around the entire circumference of the hips, passing through the buttocks.

The extender is recommended to be used during the daytime/nighttime.

Using Phallosan Forte for 5 to 8 months is recommended to get permanent results. In this case, the duration of daily wear should be at least 6 hours.

Phallosan Forte Benefits Reviewed

Let’s designate several positive moments that the client receives in the process of regular and proper operation of the Phallosan Forte:

  • The first positive thing about using Phallosan Forte is increased penis length and width. The genital increases in length and volume by about 25% – 30% while increasing the parameters of the glans penis.
  • Men who notice the negative manifestations of Peyronie’s disease, or penis curvature, can sigh in relief. After all, the effective impact of Phallosan Forte on the penis helps to align its curvature, acquired or innate.
  • Effective control of negative symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Many men experience discomfort and frustration in bed due to sexual dysfunction. Thanks to this device’s effective and safe action, it is possible to achieve a powerful erection, which significantly prolongs the sexual intercourse session. Prolonged use of the Phallosan Forte increases libido, and sexual stamina appears.
  • Many users note that the volume of ejaculation increases several times. In clinical studies, it has been proven that the action of the extender increases the number of active spermatozoa in the seminal fluid, which has a positive effect on the reproductive function of the male body.
  • With the start of treatment with the Phallosan Forte device, the psycho-emotional parameters of the male improve. The user becomes confident in himself and his sexual abilities. This automatically increases his self-esteem, making life easier.

Arguments in Favor of Buying a Phallosan Forte

We have already said in this review that there is a huge number of penis enlargement devices that can increase the size of the penis, as well as normalize the work of the sexual function.

Phallosan Forte provides a German quality that is proven by time and clinical research. The medical experts discovered that the Phallosan Forte product is 100% safe, as evidenced by the relevant quality certificates.

High quality and safety of medical materials can only say about one thing, the absence of negative side effects in the form of an allergic reaction or irritation on the surface of the dermis.

Delivery can be made anywhere in the world by the most preferred courier or a postal transport company.

The manufacturer of the Phallosan Forte device provides an official money-back guarantee that promises a 100% effect in the process of using the expander. The price of the device is $339.

Did You Know?
Phallosan Forte is the best reputation among all existing analogs. Positive customer reviews indicate that the manufacturer’s specifications are 100% reliable.

If you purchase a valid, effective, and safe installation, then only the manufacturer’s official website can become the best trading platform.

The official developer guarantees the product’s originality and offers to purchase an expansion device at a reduced price, achieved through regular promotions, discounts, and sales.

Click here to buy an extender officially. If the customer still has questions regarding the action or characteristics of the expander, they can contact the customer support on the site.

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