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Men have good options today for using products that can increase and improve their manhood. The male supplement market is full of different products that do not work.

What if I told you that natural penis enlargement and erection enhancement aren’t painful or costly and provide permanent, positive results? I’m sure you’ve heard that many times and don’t believe it anymore.

My Results

5 Best Penis Pumps of 2023

#1. Hydromax

The price: $139-$209
Available sizes: 3, 5, 7, 9 inches
Free shipping: Worldwide

Bathmate Hydromax is the newest Bathmate pump, 35% more effective than Hydro7. It will be suitable for beginners and even advanced users.

Hydromax benefits

  • You will get hard results right after the first session.
  • The Hydromax pump helps to enlarge your penis length and girth simultaneously.
  • No side effects, discomfort, pain, or risks.
  • Better erection right after the first pumping session
  • You will see the first penis enlargement results in thirty days or less; once you see these results, you will want to continue using this pump. You get fantastic motivation. Trust me – it’s awesome.
When it comes to Hydromax pumps, you should know that this pump can improve your overall sexual health, stimulate your erection, and increase your penis size by 1-3 inches.

#2. HydroXtreme results

The price is $219-$349
Available sizes:
3, 5, 7, 9 inches
Free shipping: Worldwide

This is the most powerful penis enlargement pump for advanced users who want to use a handball to control their penis pumping pressure. You can achieve the best penis growth results with HydroXtreme.

You can use it without the handball and attach it when ready to increase the penis-pumping pressure. Here is the link to the HydroXtreme category on the official site.



#3. Hydro7

The price is $110
Available sizes:
5-7 inches
Free shipping: Worldwide

Hydro7 is the best choice for beginners that want to try penis pumping and see the results. It costs only $110, and it’s guaranteed to work to solve your erection problems and increase penis size.

The most significant advantage of the Hydro7 penis pump is that it is made of quality materials so that it won’t result in any negative side effects. It’s cheap and effective.

You can use Hydro7 in the bathtub or shower. There are no complicated instructions regarding its usage, and you can buy it directly from the official site.

This penis enhancement pump will quickly improve your sexual performance, increase your stamina and sexual desire, and permanently enlarge your penis size by 1-2 inches.

#4. Penomet

The price is $127-$197
Penomet Gaiters: Force 60, 65, 70, 75, 80
Free shipping: Worldwide

This water penis pump was also popular. It has different construction that uses gaiters for penis-pumping control. This technology is copied from Bathmate, which is why this penis pump is no longer available for purchase.

There is only one gaiter in the smallest package, so we recommend buying their premium pack to get all available gaiters.

  • Penomet standard package costs only $127. It’s a great opportunity for beginners to start their penis-pumping routine. There is only one “70 gaiter” available. It will be enough to start, but you can additionally buy other gaiters when you’re ready to increase the pressure
  • The Penomet Extra package is more valuable for men looking to increase their penis size by 1-2 inches. The package includes 3 gaiters for better pressure. The price of this item is 197$
  • Penomet premium is the most expensive option available($297), but it’s the most advanced package, which gives you all the Penomet pump power

#5. AndroVacuum Platinum

The price is #249

AndroVacuum Platinum is the best vacuum pump you can find on the market. There is another pump safer than AndroVacuum, the only penis pump officially approved by the FDA.

You can be sure you buy the most effective, safe, and powerful device to make your erections harder. It also helps to improve your penis size by 1-2 inches because of the increased blood flow.

Why Choose a Penis Pumping Method?

So then, why are you here? Maybe it’s because of one of the following:

  • You’ve heard about Bathmate Hydromax or hydro penis pumps.
  • You want to find out if they work.
  • You want to know if making your penis enlargement process fast and easy is possible.
  • You want to learn medical facts about water penis pumps.
  • You want to know what other men are saying about Bathmate pumps
  • You want to see customers before and after pictures.

We have received our Bathmate HydroXtreme pump to create this valuable review

I know you’re tired of hearing about magic penis pills or penis enlargement methods that you must perform for a long time for any possible success.

You do not want to spend your time and money to risk your sexual health through penis enlargement experiments. What you want is to find the most suitable solution, and here’s what I will promise to you in this article:

  • You will learn the Bathmate pump and why it’s the easiest and most guaranteed way to enlarge your penis and eliminate erectile dysfunction.
  • You will learn how to spend only fifteen minutes a day in a bath or shower for three to six months to get the penis enlargement results you want.
  • I will tell you how to make your penis enlargement process with Bathmate comfortable, safe, and effective.
  • I will help you choose the right pump according to your penis size, penis enlargement level (i.e., newbie/experienced user), and budget.
  • You will forget about penis enlargement extenders, pills, techniques, stretching devices etc.


Penis enlargement. It sounds scary, right?

Do you think it’s for gigolos only? Do you think those guys working daily on penis enlargement are crazy or losers?

There are many ways to enlarge your penis; some are effective, but most are useless. I don’t want you to feel crazy when you work on your penis size.

Medical facts
It’s 2023 and there is a technology that works for millions of men. You can spend weeks or months researching methods, products, or strategies. You can do it for yourself if you have the time and desire, but this review will give you all the information you need to buy Bathmate.

There is no other penis pump better than Bathmate. Buy from the official site and your order will be shipped FOR FREE(WORLDWIDE) TODAY.

Bathmate Penis Pump Results(Before and After)

Choose the right Bathmate pump

ModelPenis Size (inches)Price rangePenis growth
Hydromax (3,5,7,9)3 - 9$129-1991 - 3 inches
Hydro 7 Original5-7$1101 - 2 inches
Hydromax 7 Wide Boy5-7 girth$179-$3991 - 3 inches
Hydro Xtreme3-11$249 -$3991 - 4.5 inches
Hydro Xtreme 7 Wide Boy5-7 girth$3291 - 4.5 inches

How to use the Bathmate (Instruction)

Where to Buy Bathmate pumps?

Bathmate is available for purchase on its official site There are 3 different Bathmate series available.

  • Hydro7 Original is the most basic version of the pump, and it costs only $110
  • Hydromax is the newest model, 35% more effective than the previous one. The price is $139-199
  • HydroXtreme is an advanced penis pump system that provides fast and impressive results. This device is the most powerful and helps to increase penis size by 3 inches. The official price is $249-399

You can choose an appropriate penis pump according to your penis size here.

Visit Bathmate store


Types of Penis Pumps (Vacuum vs. Hydro) and the results

Numerous types of penis pumps claim they can extend the length of your penis in a short period.

If you are starting to explore the market for vacuum and hydro penis pumps, you should pay attention to several things first:

  • Vacuum penis pumps do not enlarge the penis. Their technology helps to do away with issues of erectile dysfunction.
  • Hydro penis pumps improve erection hardness, and stamina and also increase penis size both in length and width by 1-3 inches. Visit to choose the pump that suits your penis size.

Quick note
Compare the reviews of each product, and then choose the supplement or pump you think is best suited to you.

Here are a few important notes before using a vacuum or hydro pump.

Vacuum Pumps Danger

The vacuum pump has a lot of drawbacks. First of all, their results are mostly temporary. The erection you get from the vacuum pump usually only lasts for a couple of hours, so you need to use it right before having sex.

Another disadvantage is that most of vacuum pumps have not been approved by doctors. Furthermore, some people may be allergic to the materials.

Advantages vs. Disadvantages of Penis Pumps

Regarding hydro penis pump results, Bathmate Hydromax is a device placed over the penis and uses the pressure created by the water inside the device to enlarge your penis. The Bathmate pump has its fair share of advantages. Click here to learn more:

Why men choose Bathmate hydro pumps:

  • The water penis pump(e.g. Bathmate Hydromax) is an effective tool for getting fast penis enlargement results.
  • Strong vacuum pressure is created and applied to the penis, significantly increasing the blood flow to the penis.
  • Not only can it enlarge the length of your penis, but it can also improve overall sexual function.
  • The Bathmate Hydromax water penis pump does not provide harmful side effects if the proper instructions are followed.
  • It is a fairly cheap solution for treating some forms of erectile dysfunction.


Now let’s talk about the disadvantages of using a vacuum penis pump:

  • It is inconvenient.
  • It has to be worn under clothes at home.
  • Extended usage of vacuum penis pumps can cause deformities to the penis, and misuse of the device can lead to additional health problems. (For example, the pressure applied to the penis can cause swelling and redness on the shaft.)
  • It requires constant cleaning to keep bacteria from building up.

Quick note
It is up to you which solution you choose for natural penis enlargement. Some men that prefer instant and temporary penis pump results opt for VigRx Plus male enhancement pills, while men who are patient and want to see permanent effects may choose the Bathmate hydro penis pump.

The good idea is to consider your needs before choosing which product to use. Medical professionals recommend using the Bathmate water penis pump to enlarge the penis and increase erection hardness and stamina in just a few months. You can visit the Bathmate official store to order a suitable pump.

Watch our detailed Bathmate unboxing video


Learn more about Bathmate on the official website.

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Bathmate Hydromax


Speed of results








Customers' trust



  • Over a million pumps sold in over 70 countries
  • 60 days money-back guarantee
  • Range of accessories
  • Detachable handball pump
  • Completely safe to use


  • High price
  • Long to wait for results

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