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Total Curve is a two-part natural breast enlargement pill that can help women boost the size of their breasts. The great thing about this pill is that it delivers quick results and that is made of several natural ingredients combined.

Did you know?
Besides enlarging breasts, Total Curve can also reduce the symptoms of PMS. The pills work by delivering phytoestrogens that help the skin to increase the size of breasts.

The natural Total Curve ingredients are very potent and can also improve other aspects of a female`s health. The positive thing is that no artificial substances or chemicals are used in making Total Curve pills and cream, so women should not worry about possible side effects.

Total Curve is a safe product that can bring numerous benefits for your health if used consistently according to the instructions without side effects.

Breast Enhancement Results(Before/After)

The unique formula of Total Curve delivers intense and quick breast enlargement for all women. It nourishes the body from the inside and contributes to developing new breast tissue.

Women who have problems with vaginal dryness or go through menopause can benefit from Total Curve as well. Click here to learn all the Total Curve benefits.

The combination of ingredients works efficiently by providing the desired results within a certain period. When it comes to elements, there are several of them. All of them help the female`s organism by affecting certain parts of the body:

  • Blessed Thistle is an ingredient that contributes to a better hormonal balance;
  • Buckwheat leaves and Wild Yam root both help against vaginal dryness;
  • Damiana leaf is a sex stimulant;
  • Dong Quai root boosts the size of breasts.
  • Fennel seed is another ingredient in the Total Curve that affects female hormone levels.

Many women claim that this product has helped them to enlarge their breast size.

Quick note
The final results are variable from one woman to another, but in general, the results should be visible within weeks after starting using this product.

Why Total Curve is The Best Choice?

The biggest advantage of Total Curve is that besides affecting the breast tissue and increase breast size, it also reduces PMS and menopause symptoms, increases female sex drive and libido, and can eliminate vaginal dryness.

The instructions for Total Curve usage are straightforward and included in the product when you buy it. You should carefully check them out and always keep the product in a dry and cool place.

It is claimed that regular usage of Total Curve for one month should be enough for you to begin noticing an improvement in your bust shape and breast size.

How do Natural Breast Pills Work

The important thing to know is that Total Curve comes as a 2-part program in the form of pill and gel. First, you take the daily supplement and then you need to apply the gel. That makes Total Curve a unique program that works both internally and externally in improving breast size. Both the pills and gel have been clinically tested, so they do not provide any negative side effects. And customer reviews can prove this statement.

The gel should be applied daily by massaging your breasts. Then the gel gets absorbed and starts working by directly affecting the growth of new breast tissue. The gel contains Volufiline, which is an ingredient that can help you get an 8% increase in your breasts within sixty days.

Total Curve is one of the best breast enlargement pills that deliver great results(see Before and After results) in enlarging breast size. One of the benefits is that it affects your body both from inside and outside. There are no adverse side effects, so you can use this program daily without worrying about health. Regular usage of Total Curve pill and gel will increase the delivery of phytoestrogens which are responsible for increasing the breast size.

Final Breast Enhancement Pills Review

Total Curve breast enlargement pills improve the female hormone balance, while the gel works by creating new muscle tissue in the breasts. A combination of these two delivers positive results so women that are interested in increasing their breast size should try this product.

It also offers a money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain if you regularly use Total Curve pills and gel. So there are many reasons for you to use Total Curve breast enhancement therapy.  Not only you will increase the breast size, but your sex drive will improve, and you will ease off the symptoms of PMS, menopause and vaginal dryness. 

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Total Curve: Natural Breast Enlargement Tool

A beautiful body shape is one of the main goals of every woman. Tightened buttocks, a swept-back, flat abs and of course a beautiful and bouncy breast.

To have a slim figure, you need to regularly monitor your diet and go to the gym. However, this way of life is not able to increase breast size and tighten it.

To date, there are several ways by which you can make the cleavage attractive and sexy. One of these methods is the use of natural boosters of the Total Curve type.

It is more than a vitamin complex. That is an effective complex therapy for increasing the size of the breast, which works not only outside, but also inside.

That is, the breast enlarges, both visually and actually. After all, enlargement is stimulated by increasing the amount of adipose tissue in the mammary glands. The breast becomes taut and elastic, while its size increases by plus 1.5 or even 2.

The complex consists of two food additives – pills and an external cream. The composition of the dietary supplement includes natural ingredients, in particular ingredients that are similar in composition to the female hormone estrogen.

Phytoestrogens stimulate the enlargement of the mammary glands, ensuring the strengthening and tightening of tissues.

The active components normalize the hormonal level in the female body, thereby minimizing the number of oncological diseases in the gynecological field. That relieves the symptoms of menopause, PMS, and also stimulates sexual desire. Increases the sensitivity of the external genitals, including the nipples.

The second part of the therapy is a gel for external use, which strengthens the skin, saturating it with collagen and elastin.

Accordingly, the Breast becomes lifted and elastic. The formation of stretch marks and wrinkles are prevented, which also make the dermis not attractive.

The cream contains Sarsasapogenin, which stimulates lithogenesis. That means that the fat cells grow, due to which the mammary glands become larger in volume. Apply the gel must be twice a day until completely absorbed.

How Do You Know If Results Are Reliable?

Many manufacturers are engaged in the production of individual biologically active food supplements, not including them in the complex.

That is the main mistake that has an ineffective impact and requires prolonged use. This is a complex that, thanks to the active plant components, stimulates the enlargement of the mammary glands, tightens the skin, making it elastic and smooth. At the same time, the result obtained from the use of complex therapy is maintained for several years.

The active ingredients penetrate deep into the structure of tissue and cells, safely affecting the problem and contributing to its complete resolution.

The main advantage of using the Total Curve system is the absence of contraindications and adverse reactions of the body. In the course of the therapy, the woman does not experience painful and uncomfortable sensations.

Surgery or Natural Means for Stimulating the Breast Enlargement?

In addition to the widespread popularization of herbal preparations for increasing the size of the breast, many women prefer plastic surgery, namely implants.

First of all, I would like to say that implantation is not suitable for all patients, since it has many contraindications, and the rehabilitation period is painful and long. By choosing an unqualified doctor, the patient may experience various inflammatory processes that may be fatal.

The next negative point of plastic surgery may be its high cost. The price of the surgery reaches several thousand dollars. And even after the surgery, although the effect will be noticeable instantly, it will take more than one month to restore the damaged tissue.

That is why experts often recommend increasing the size of the mammary naturally, using natural food additives and external creams.

Total Curve is a secure system that works. This fact was confirmed during repeated clinical trials, during which quality certificates were issued.

Criteria That Distinguish the Total Curve from Most Similar Remedies

As mentioned above, in the international market there is a huge amount of food additives and external gels, manufacturers of which declare a high degree of product effectiveness. However, such statements are nothing but empty words. Total Curve is a patented and certified complex that is approved by leading experts in the field of women’s health.

For many years of its existence on the market, the product has earned the trust of millions of users worldwide. For many years, the unique effective formula has been developed by specialized experts who have managed to achieve the most effective result.

The predominant number of reviews of the Total Curve product is positive. That means that women put their bodies and health in proven technology’s hands. You can get read comments on thematic sites, as well as on the official site of the product manufacturer.

Comparative Characteristics of Total Curve and Existing Analogs

A complex called BreastFast can be considered an identical product in terms of content with Total Curve. That is a patented tool that is popular with women around the world.

That is one of the few remedies that contain two products. All other means, such as Breast Actives and MaxBust 36, consist of a dietary supplement, to obtain the effect of which you need to undergo a long course of treatment.


When choosing a product on the market, especially when it comes to supplements that are directly related to human health, customers have several important questions. We will answer the most basic ones right now.

How long does a Total Curve treatment course last?

The manufacturer of the safe and patented product claims that to get a full and long-lasting result, you should use the gel and take a dietary supplement for 6 – 8 months. At the same time, the first noticeable results appear during the first month.

How can you speed up the impact?

If a woman wants to get the maximum effect from the use of the Total Curve plant-based complex, then you should follow certain rules, the main of which is to perform special physical exercises. A selection of physical exercises can be found on the Internet or by visiting the gym to have a personal trainer who will create a personalized program for each client.

Can there be side effects?

That is the main question that interests every buyer of the complex. As mentioned above, only components of plant origin are included in the formula, which is not able to hurt the body.

However, before starting a course of treatment with a complex, it is necessary to study the manufacturer’s instructions in detail: which dosage to use and what duration of use is prescribed. Examine the composition of remedies, perhaps it has ingredients that cause an allergic reaction.

How long does the result keep from using Total Curve?

The duration of effect from the use of the complex is saved individually. That is, it all depends on the physiological characteristics of a person and age.

The younger the woman, the better all the metabolic processes work, and this means that the effect will last longer. According to the facts stated by the manufacturer, the result of the impact of the active components of the complex lasts for 12 to 24 months. A further repeated course is required.

How to buy the original product?

To order the original stimulating complex, it is necessary to make a deal only on the manufacturer’s official website.

Why do most users prefer the Total Curve?

Let’s highlight several criteria that popularized the Total Curve remedy:

  • Official website of the manufacturer which is currently available. On the official portal, the client has the opportunity to examine all the important information about the production, duration, and safety of the remedy. It also contains quality certificates that confirm the high degree of effectiveness of the food additive and the gel;
  • A unique formula that is trusted not only by clients but also by medical professionals;
  • The manufacturer of the complex is a proven brand that has existed on the international market for more than a decade;
  • Customer support in any matters of interest;
  • Quality assurance, which official manufacturer provides for its customers;
  • Plant complex has been repeatedly tested during clinical studies, which is the main evidence of high product quality, safe and effective use.

As soon as the woman began to have a problem with saggy breasts and when the volume was lost due to various reasons, she has to immediately order an effective and safe Total Curve complex.

We draw customers’ attention to the fact that only the manufacturer of the product can guarantee the true origin of the product and its effectiveness. And this means that it is necessary to buy the remedy exclusively on the official website of the manufacturer, bypassing the various dubious ad portals.

Quite often on the official trading platform, you can buy goods at a significantly reduced price, which is achieved through regular promotions and discounts. If the customer has any additional questions, he can always get an answer by contacting technical support specialists. Online consultants are happy to help.

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Total Curve


Speed of results








Customers' trust



  • Clinically proven Volufiline ingredient
  • Increased breast volume and improved shape
  • Reduces symptoms of PMS, menopause, diminished sex drive, vaginal dryness
  • Risk free for 60 days
  • Works both internally and externally


  • High price
  • You need to take pills and apply cream

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Dr. Anderson is a Physician,  AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, Professional Counselor