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Erectile dysfunction is a widespread health problem that many men face. That is why numerous medicines emerged on the market in the past few decades, claiming that they can solve this challenging and unpleasant problem. In the past, impotence was a topic that was avoided and was considered a taboo. However, men have become aware of this issue and started seeking the best and effective male enhancement supplements.

Today the market for best male enhancement drugs is huge, and there are plenty of supplements you can use. It is often very challenging for someone to look through and check out all medicinal solutions in the form of male enlargement tablets. Also, not all of them are good solutions, and that creates a problem for the person that is looking for a quick solution for their erectile dysfunction problem.

Do Male Enhancement Supplements Really Work?

Solutions for erectile dysfunction most often come in the form of pills because they are convenient and easy to use. As mentioned, today there are hundreds of solutions but most widely used for the treatment of this problem remain the ever-popular Viagra, Cialis, Spedra, and Levitra.

Although every one of them is treating the same problem, there are still some differences that separate them. If you want to test some natural penis pills, that are effective and safe for your health, it’s recommended to try VigRx Plus, Prosolution Plus, Prosolution Pills or ExtenZe.

Viagra Review

As you probably know, one of the most popular solutions remains Viagra. These male enlargement pills are made to treat impotence effectively and are one of the oldest tablets that exist on the market.

A disadvantage of Viagra is that you need a doctor`s prescription to use it. That is a drawback because today you can find dozens of great alternatives which are made of natural ingredients and for which you do not need a prescription.

Quick note
Viagra comes in the form of a tablet, and it usually requires about an hour or less for its effects to kick in. The results and benefits from Viagra typically last up to three or four hours, so this is a short-term pill.

Once again, other male enhancement treatments provide results that last for over a day. However, Viagra remains strong pill and reasonable solution for erectile dysfunction problems as it had helped many men around the world.

Read more about Viagra on Wikipedia.


Cialis is a top rated male enlargement medicine for treating erectile dysfunction problems, coming in the form of a daily pill and the so-called weekend pill. Daily supplement is taken each day at the same time, and the great thing about it is that it gives you long-lasting effects for about 24 hours. This does not mean that you will have an erection for 24 hours straight, but you can quickly get an erection when you feel aroused.

The weekend Cialis pill provides effects up to 36 hours after taking it, and you need to use this penis enhancement drug about half an hour before having sex.

Some possible side effects from Cialis include a headache, indigestion, and pain in muscles.


Levitra is a penis enlargement medicine is mostly taken in time of need. This is a good option for those men that do not want to take pills every day. The immediate effects of Levitra can be noticed just after half an hour of taking it and will keep you going for about five hours.

One of the best things regarding Levitra is that this erectile dysfunction solution comes in a specific type of pill that can dissolve on your tongue, without the need for water.

A runny nose, flashing and mild headaches are a few side effects that are commonly associated with Levitra.

Spedra review

Finally, Spedra is another relatively new penis enhancement supplement on the market. It is taken when necessary, and one of its biggest advantages is that it acts quickly. Unlike the other pills already mentioned, this pill provides its effects within fifteen minutes after taking it.

Common side effects include nausea and headache, but they usually come in mild forms.

 These were just a few of the best rated male enhancement pills for treating erectile dysfunction problems. Most importantly, they all work similarly and provide the desired effects within the stated time frame. Addressing erection problems becomes easier with so many solutions available today. Explore the market, compare different pills for treating erectile dysfunction, and pick the one you think it is best for your condition. Whichever product you choose it is important to follow the instructions and guidance of medical experts  .

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