Bathmate Results Reviewed and Compared (Before and After Pictures)

What Is the Main Bathmate Purpose?

There is a wide range of devices and herbal supplements aimed at stimulating the growth of the penis as well as getting rid of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.
These options include penis extenders, water pumps, and vacuum pumps.

The consumer chooses for himself the most preferred option; however, for those who want to see permanent results after 6 months, pay attention to the Bathmate hydro penis pump.

Bathmate Hydromax Before and After Pictures. Results

My real Hydromax Results Pictures

Bathmate is a water pump for penis enlargement and erection enhancement. It works by stimulating blood flow to the penis under pressure, dilating blood vessels, and thereby increasing erection. Accelerated and intense blood flow contributes to the expansion and stretching of the cavernous penis tissues, causing an increase in penis length and width.

How To Choose the Most Efficient Pump for Best Results

The official Bathmate website offers customers the widest range of products, which differ according to the following criteria: functionality, cost, parameters, type, and results. But how do you choose the most suitable pump for yourself?

Quick Note
The most important criterion for the proper selection of a water pump is the size. The denser the penis is against the walls of the pump, the more pressure will be provided. Accordingly, positive results will be much easier to achieve.
Compare Bathmate Penis Pumps

#1. Hydromax (5,7,9,11)

Brief Review:
Success rate: 92%
Customers: 1 000 000+

Benefits: Safe and effective penis enhancement, erection improvement without side effects
Manufacturer: DX Products Ltd (UK)
Min results(length/girth): 1/0.3 inches (45 days)
Max results(length/girth): 4/1.5 inches (180 days)
Warranty: 3 years
Money back: 60-day

Official site:

The best option for a tightly fitting device is the Hydromax series, which exists in three types (3-5 inches, 5 to 7, and 7 to 9). All three pumps have the same length, while the diameter of the inner chamber is different. Thus, the user can choose the most optimal option that will provide maximum results.

Hydromax is the newest model and is 35% more effective and safe than the previous model (Hydro7 Original). You should buy Hydromax if you want to save money and get fast and guaranteed penis enlargement results.

Quick Note
Note that the main cause of ineffective penis pumping is using a device that is too large, as this leads to a decrease in pressure around the penis.

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#2. Hydro7

Hydro7 uses high-quality standards of hydro penis pumping. It has a high degree of efficiency and a low price. The use of this Bathmate pump does not require special knowledge or skills from the user.

As a result, the man gets a more impressive penis size, improves sexual performance, and an increase in stamina.

Hydro7  is the perfect choice for men with a penis size from 5 to 7 inches. It is the first Bathmate pump and is effective and safe, but it’s less effective than other Bathmate series.

The product comes in three colors: red, white, and blue.

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#3. HydroXtreme

HydroXtreme is the most effective Bathmate pump and was released quite recently. It is a hydro penis pump that combines vacuum and water to provide the best results.

An additional pumping handball, which squeezes the air from inside the working chamber through a small but durable hose, allows the man to control the force of the generated pressure.

It has a unique patented design, which is equipped with a number of useful accessories: a ruler, a belt for the shower, lubricant, a lock, and a sponge with a handle for caring for the pump.

Men choose this Bathmate pump to maximize their results in 6 months because the handball helps to improve the pressure up to the highest level.

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Why Bathmate Is Better than Other Penis Pumps?

All penis pumps are conditionally divided into two categories: vacuum pumps and water pumps. We do not recommend using vacuum pumps, as they are less effective in erection enhancement and useless for penis enlargement.

As for vacuum devices, AndrovacuumX4Labs Male Power Pump, and others are most in-demand; however, along with all the above models, the Bathmate water pump has several advantages, making it the most popular model.

Here are 6 reasons why you have to choose Bathmate:

  •  Technology 

The Bathmate technology is multifunctional, contributing to the accelerated penis growth stimulation and getting rid of all the negative manifestations of erectile dysfunction.

  •  Design 

The Bathmate pump has an ergonomic and discreet design, with no elements that could interfere with the operation of the device.

  •  High-quality product 

The Bathmate is made of high-quality medical plastic and rubber that does not contain hazardous or toxic elements. When interacting with water, the pump does not lose its original appearance, which means its service life can last for years.

  •  Clinically tested 

The efficacy of the Bathmate pump has been repeatedly tested by leading experts in the fields of urology and sexology. One experiment involved 100 men who performed pumping exercises daily and received positive results in as little as seven days. Penis size increased in length and girth by 20% to 30%, the quality, and duration of erection improved significantly, and the intensity of orgasm was much higher than before.

  •  Safety 

Before using the Bathmate, the user must fill the working flask with water, which significantly minimizes the risk of mechanical damage and injury. Water has a relaxing effect that improves the pump’s effectiveness and safety.

  •  Standards 

Bathmate pump is a certified product that follows EU standards, so the device is able to achieve the highest degree of safety and efficiency. It’s made in the UK by a DX company.

What Size Am I?

Some men complain that they cannot use Bathmate effectively and that it is impossible to achieve the claimed results in six months. But it’s not the device’s problem. It’s important to select the right pump size and series according to your goals. Follow this link to determine your size.

It is worth remembering one very important detail: if your penis pump size is chosen incorrectly, there will be no effect.   The inner walls of the chamber should tightly clasp the penis, creating maximum pressure .

Since a lot of men cannot correctly measure their penis size, Bathmate has developed a convenient online calculator for its customers; however, before using the calculator, take this advice:

  • Penis size must be measured in an erect state.
  • Press the ruler firmly against the pubic bone and look at the indicator.
  • To determine the girth of the penis, you must use a bent measuring tape. The diameter must be measured at the thickest part of the penis.

Once all the proposed actions have been completed, the user can begin entering data on a special online calculator, which will automatically determine the most appropriate model.

Bathmate Hydro Pump Terms of Use


In order to get fast results from using the Bathmate water pump, follow the instructions provided in the package. In the first one to two months of usage, you can use it one time a day only. It should be done in the morning or in the evening. It is necessary to pump for fifteen to twenty minutes.

All Bathmate pumps are designed for use in warm water. The upper valve, which is located at the end of the installation, must be closed, pushed, or screwed; it all depends on the specific model.

Fill the empty space of the flask with water and immediately place the penis inside it, tightly pressing the base of the pump to the pubic bone. Perform pumping movements slowly, avoiding sudden jerks.

As you pump, you’ll feel pressure and an erection. Continue the exercise until all the water has emptied from the flask. At this point, you’ve reached the maximum level of pressure. Allow the penis to rest for a few minutes, and then perform two more approaches. This technique provides the best results.

The Best Bathmate Usage Strategy

Did You Know?
Remember that only the right strategy can contribute to the most effective outcome. As a rule, an integrated approach to stimulating penis growth and improving the quality of sexual function consists of several stages: the implementation of manual Jelqing techniques and the intake of natural food additives like VigRx Plus.

Jelqing is a kind of masturbation. The main purpose of the method is to stimulate an erection, contributing to the activation of blood flow, which in turn helps the expansion of cavernous tissues of the penis.

VigRx Plus is aimed at improving the quality of sexual function, eliminating signs of erectile dysfunction, and increasing self-esteem. The duration of the course is about three months and may vary depending on the individual characteristics of the male body.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the process of choosing, buying, and using Bathmate pumps, customers have questions that require full answers.

Why should I choose a Bathmate device?

In contrast to all pumps on the market, Bathmate pumps work effectively and use the same technology. It is a patented product, and each model has been repeatedly tested during laboratory studies.

Bathmate shower/bath usage is a simple and painless process that does not take more than twenty minutes. Certificates of quality are medical proof of the device’s effectiveness and safety. You will be pleasantly surprised when you see that functional and visual improvements occur so quickly.

How long do I have to wait for the results after Bathmate usage?

The duration of use is dependent on the physiology of the body. The manufacturer claims that it is possible to get the result in just 6 months if the user follows the official instructions and chooses the right penis pump size and model.

Is it doctor-approved?

The Bathmate money-back guarantee and the official medical certificates confirm the quality of the device. If you want to buy an original pump and receive the official guarantee and warranty, order the device from the official site.

Thus, the client protects himself from buying a fake. Do not neglect consumer feedback. Customer reviews can provide the most reliable information about the operation, efficiency, and safety of the pump.

How to maintain the pump

Bathmate pumps do not require any maintenance. Before each penis pump usage, it is recommended to wipe the surface and the internal flask of the installation with a special antiseptic. The same procedure must be repeated after the pumping is complete.


Some Bathmate packages include a set of accessories that simplify the operation and care of the device; however, if you purchased a standard set, all additional accessories can be purchased separately.

Does the Bathmate pump cause any side effects?

With proper use of Bathmate water pumps, and provided there are no contraindications, the occurrence of adverse reactions is minimized.


If you feel pain or discomfort while using the device, stop the process and familiarize yourself with the operating rules again.

Mechanical damage to the penis can be in the form of abrasions, sprains, hematomas, and bruises.

What is the Bathmate success rate?

According to international statistics, 98% of Bathmate users receive a positive result when the device is used for the period of time specified by the manufacturer.

Pumping Facts

Today, the pumping procedure is one of the most effective ways to stimulate penis growth and the normalization of sexual function.

Bathmate’s effectiveness is based on the regular pressure effect on the penis area. This causes the activation of blood circulation, which is a crucial point in the expansion of cavernous tissues of the penis, as well as the normalization of erection.

Due to the high efficiency of action, the erection becomes powerful and long-lasting, and this, in turn, prevents premature ejaculation. The pump also has a favorable effect on the quality of semen and its volume.

Clinical Facts
Thanks to clinical trials, it has been proven that the number of active sperm cells in the sperm significantly increases, and the reproductive function of the body, which is responsible for the possibility of the fertilization of the egg, normalizes.

Along with physiological improvements, users can expect psycho-emotional stabilization. Due to the fact that sex is becoming more full-fledged and more frequent, self-esteem increases significantly. This most directly affects the mood. Men with impressive penis size are less susceptible to stress and nervous breakdowns.

It’s time to take stock of all of the above. The versatile and efficient Bathmate pump allows you to increase penis size by up to 35%. Pumping is considered the safest non-invasive method of penis enhancement. If you want to restore your sexual strength and become a more confident person, order a Bathmate pump now.

Moreover, growth is stimulated naturally, without the use of various kinds of synthetic pharmaceuticals. In order to enhance the device’s effect, men can additionally take plant-based food additives like VigRx Plus.

It is best to buy goods from the official website of the manufacturer, which offers a reduced price. On the manufacturer’s website, anyone can get acquainted with certificates that confirm the quality, safety, and effectiveness of the product. If you have additional questions, you can always ask for help from online consultants.

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