Best Penis Straightener Review. How does it Work? [GUIDE]

All men dream of having nice long penises to get greater pleasure from sex. Some men that have smaller penises often have low confidence problems and face anxiety when expected to perform well in bed.

Everybody Wants to Straighten their Curved Penis

This is normal because every man wants to impress their partner with their strong, hard erection and attractive penis condition.

Here you will learn more about some fascinating facts regarding the penis straightening using Quick Extender Pro Peyronies Device. After checking out, all information will have a clearer picture of whether your penis is curved or normal.

Does Penis Curvature Matters?

They often say that penis curvature matters and that is true. Many studies and researches have been conducted in recent years to find out how many men are suffering from Peyronies Disease. It was interesting to find out, that 1 of 20 men are affected by this disease in the world.

Brief statistics:
Over 60% of men are suffering from depression because of Peyronie’s disease and their curved penis.

Penis straightener device, that works for 90% of men

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According to a study conducted by a few medicinal journals a few years ago, Quick Extender Pro penis straightener helps almost every men, who use the device. The results become visible in just 14 days. It is important to read customer reviews about penis straightening devices.

Almost every penis extender has a curvature package, but only Quick Extender Pro can provide a unique patented technology, that shows incredible results, which are guaranteed.

Quick Extender Pro penis straightener was something that was very closely monitored in the past years, but today even people with relatively small penis curvature use the curvature correction device to achieve fantastic results.

It is believed and witnessed by many men that this device can fix a penis curvature without side effects or discomfort. Click here to visit the official site.

Peyronie’s Disease Danger

There are many other interesting things and facts about penis straightening methods. A significant majority of men underestimate their penis curvature problem, but the point is that the look and shape of the penis are important for having pleasurable sex and attract women.

Although the popular opinion is that penis shape is connected with race, foot size, height and similar, the truth is that there is no scientific correlation between those things.

Did you know?
According to several studies conducted by condom manufacturers, 60% of men, who tried any penis curvature treatments was not happy about the results before they used Quick Extender Pro Peyronies Edition
Clinical fact
Another interesting fact is that penis curvature can happen in men from 41-60 years old. And most of the affected men have another disease, which is called Dupuytren’s disease.

There are a few interesting facts regarding how to straighten the penis. Even the male fetuses can achieve a small penis curvature. Also, almost all men can get spontaneous and unexpected erection during the day or night. This has nothing to do with sexual arousal, but it does happen quite often.  On average, men achieve up to five erections during their sleep .

Penis Curvature Can Be Fixed

Regarding penis sensitivity, this declines with age. As soon as men hit the age of 65 and above their penis becomes less responsive to arousal and it becomes harder to achieve erections. Most men above the age of sixty also face problems with premature ejaculation.

The truth is that penis curvature is on many people`s minds, but in reality, you should not worry that much because it can be corrected easily. Today numerous penis enlargement devices are designed to straighten your penis easily. Those men that are not satisfied with the length of their penises can make them longer in just a few months. Many products provide permanent benefits, so you can explore that market if you worry about your penis size.

Now you have a clearer picture of how to fix a penis curvature naturally and methods that help. So it is up to you to consider your options.  A straight penis means increased self-confidence and better sexual performance, which are the two main reasons why men want to straighten their penises.

It’s easy to use Quick Extender Pro as your primary penis straightening device:


In general, penis size depends on many factors including some genetic reasons. Anyhow, your options are unlimited today. If your penis length is below average, then you have several non-invasive, natural and safe ways to increase the size of your penis.

Learn more about average penile size – medicalnewstoday.

Bad Bends: Simple Ways to Combat Penis Curvature

The variety of penises, like a deck of cards – for some three, for someone an ace, but someone was awarded a joker – a curved penis, which is unpleasant to look at, and it is a shame to demonstrate.

1) The problem of a curved penis: statistics, causes, and effects

Pathology of curvature: does it need to be fixed

The penis begins to form during intrauterine development. The most common cause of its curvature is a violation of the protein-membrane, tissue elasticity and anatomy of the cavernous bodies.

A pathology in which the proportionality of the penis is broken and there is a curvature can be congenital, which formed during the period of fetal development and acquired – Peyronie’s Disease. The causes of penile curvature include:

  • the uneven development of the protein coat – part of it during the formation period begins to noticeably lag behind in development;
  • short urethral canal;
  • fibrotic changes in the cavernous (internal) structures of the penis – usually occur due to damage to blood vessels or injuries;
  • densification of the protein-membrane with the formation of fibrous plaques.

According to statistics, about 25% of men of childbearing age suffer from Peyronie’s disease. But only 8% go to the doctor about their problem. Men, in general, are distrustful of andrologists and are not in a hurry to “boast” of their problems.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that changes are noticeable only during an erection and, often, are not accompanied by pain or uncharacteristic discharge.

And all this despite the fact that in 30% of cases Peyronie’s disease is associated with sexual disorders and erectile dysfunction. This is due not only to the physiological characteristics of the curvature but also to the development of a psychological problem, as dissatisfaction with oneself leads to the development of a failure expectation syndrome in a man.

Denial of the problem and careless attitude towards it ultimately leads to the man’s inability to satisfy his sexual needs. The chronic course of Peyronie’s disease leads to impotence and impotence.

2) Methods that are known: tablets, pumps, surgery

Helping a “friend”: basic treatments for Peyronie’s disease

Surgical and non-surgical methods are used to correct penis curvature.


Surgery involves the excision of fibrous plaques with the subsequent use of traction mechanisms to restore the size and stop the curvature. It is also possible the introduction of erectile implants into the cavity of the penis. Like most surgeries, there is a risk of infection, necrosis, and amputation of the penis. It is used only in extreme cases of the chronic course of Peyronie’s disease.


They are a procedure for introducing substances into the cavity of the penis that contributes to the resorption of fibrous plaques. The least popular method due to pain and performance features.

Medicines and Supplements

Vitamin-complex complex bioactive drugs, the action of which is aimed at increasing blood circulation in the pelvic organs and activating regenerative processes, are capable of effectively combating manifestations of penile curvature in combination with traction devices.

Penis pumps

The mechanical effect of the penis pump is based on instant artificial blood flow to the penis and stretching of erectile tissues. Pumps are effective in combination with traction devices or as adjuvant therapy after surgery.

Dick straightening devices

Vacuum or mechanical penis straighteners, the use of which helps to eliminate the curvature of the penis. They can be used as an independent method or as part of a comprehensive treatment of Peyronie’s disease.

3) Extenders – vacuum (Phallosan Forte, Penimaster PRO) and rod (SizeGenetics, Quick Extender Pro, Male Edge, Penimaster Chrome)

Best Penis straightening devices

The extender is a traction device for enlarging or removing the curvature of the penis. Developed as a mechanical method of postoperative rehabilitation. It is used both as an independent method for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease, and as an auxiliary therapy after surgery – ligamentotomy (penis enlargement surgery).

Devices have two main varieties: vacuum and rod. Each of them is characterized by both advantages and the presence of some disadvantages.

Rod Extenders

These traction devices are the first developments in the field of penis curvature correction. A strap or harness is used to secure the extender. Adjustable rods are used to stretch fabrics.

SizeGenetics – a bar model that provides gradual stretching. Used in urological practice for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease for more than 15 years. It creates a pulling force of 2.8 kg. Suitable for use with penises from 4 to 22 cm long.

Quick Extender Pro is an innovative modification with the DSS (Double Strap Support) tensile system. Its uniqueness in providing maximum comfort tension along the tip and the entire axis of the penis.

Male Edge is a painless alternative to surgery for treating Peyronie’s disease. The principle of action is based on a gradual increase in the tension force, which ensures the growth of new cells of the erectile tissue of the penis.

Penimaster Chrome – German development is a vacuum penis straightener with a reliable fastening system with a wide locking strap and a fixing clip. It is characterized by ease of construction and convenient anatomical shape. Suitable for wearing under clothes.

Vacuum Penis Extenders

They appeared not so long ago, but have already gained popularity due to the comfort of use. Their feature is the use of a vacuum for fastening.

Phallosan Forte is the most comfortable model, which involves long-term (up to 12 hours) use and is suitable for night use. It is allowed to straighten the curvature on both the left and right sides for any length of the penis.

Penimaster PRO is a vacuum extender providing traction up to 7.6 kg. The kit includes a set of rods that allow you to make a design up to 30 cm long. The use of hypoallergenic materials ensures reliable fixation and wearing comfort of the device.

4) Description of rod extenders (how it works, advantages and disadvantages)

Features of rod extenders

The extender is an orthopedic correction device used in urological and andrological practice. The action is based on the physiological characteristics of the body: cells under the influence of tension begin to actively divide, creating new layers at the place of tension.

Bar extenders have two varieties – strap and loop, differing in the type of fastening. Loop models are the earliest designs. Their lack of exposure to the loop, which can cause discomfort.

Therefore, this model is not suitable for prolonged wear. The strapped model is a more advanced device, characterized by comfortable use due to the convenient and reliable wide strap for fixing. Both the strap and loop are located under the head of the penis. Due to this arrangement, discomfort from squeezing the trunk of the penis may occur.

The extender kit includes adjustable rods. Their gradual lengthening provides a therapeutic effect in the correction of penile curvature.

5) Description of vacuum extenders – comfort, result, traction

Vacuum Against Curvature: The Benefits Of Vacuum Models

Vacuum extenders combine the principle of operation of rod modifications but differ in a fundamentally new type of fastening. Instead of loops and straps under the head, a vacuum cap is used that is worn on the head of the penis. At the same time, fewer parts are in contact with the surface of the penis, which ensures comfort and long-term use of such modifications.

The kit also provides for several types of adjustable rods that perform a corrective action.

6) How the extenders work and how the result is achieved

Traction Compensation: Principle of Curvature Correction Device

The principle of operation of dick straightening devices is based on the physiological characteristics of the body. When tissue cells experience excessive stress due to stretching, their active division is activated to compensate. The building of muscle mass by athletes, the stretch marks for flexibility used by gymnasts, as well as the attachment of tunnels to the earlobes are based on this principle.

Therefore, fixing the expander on the penis, weakening, or increasing the tension of one of the rods, in a fairly short period of 3 to 6 months, you can achieve amazing results.

7) Research in this area (links without translate, immediately to English resources)

The scientific rationale for the effectiveness of extenders

To substantiate the effectiveness of the method of treating Peyronie’s disease and congenital curvature of the penis, more than one study was conducted.

The first publication of studies on extender efficacy is “ A pilot phase ‐ II prospective study to test the ‘efficacy’ and tolerability of a penile ‐ extender device in the treatment of ‘short penis’ ”. It is dated February 23, 2009. The study was led by Paolo Gontero, professor and urology consultant at the University of Turin.

The focus group used extenders for at least 4 hours a day for 6 months. The tension force varied from 0.6 kg to 1.2 kg. The results of the study confirmed the effectiveness of the extender and its beneficial therapeutic effect.

The most comprehensive study on the use of extenders as the main treatment for patients diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease is: “Penile traction therapy for Peyronie’s disease — what’s the evidence? “.

Data was published in June 2016. In the course of the study, e not only the effectiveness of this method was noted, but also its comparison with surgery, prosthetics, and injection therapy. The main conclusion of the study contains data on the recognition of the effectiveness of extenders as a minimally invasive method, but requiring additional testing to determine the optimal treatment protocol.

One of the latest publications is dated October 26, 2018: ” Penile traction therapy with the new device ‘Penimaster PRO’ is effective and safe in the stable phase of Peyronie’s disease: a controlled multicentre study .”

This study, led by Dr. Ignassio Moncada, suggested determining the level of effectiveness of using extenders to treat patients with chronic Peyronie’s disease. The focus group consisted of 93 patients, who were divided into two subgroups: one was prescribed the use of an extender, for the second, mechanical intervention was not expected. A subgroup using an extender was supposed to use the device 3 to 8 times a day for 12 weeks with a gradual increase in the degree of tension.

A total of 4 control measurements were taken to determine the degree of curvature. The results of the study indicate that in patients who used the extender, the improvement from the initial level of curvature was 41%, which gives grounds for using the extender as a method of treating Peyronie’s disease and correcting the angle of curvature of the penis.

8) If the curvature is left / right, ascending/descending – how to use the device

Features of the use of penis straighteners

Correction of the curvature of the penis using an extender is carried out in several stages, each of which provides for a certain adjustment of the location of the rods and springs.

Correction is achieved by the presence of special springs calibrated to counteract the direction of curvature. As a rule, outdated models are able to straighten the direction only left / right. Enhanced vacuum modifications are equipped with upgraded memory foam pads and provide penile traction along an ascending/descending path.

9) How to put on the bar extenders SizeGenetics, Male Edge, Penimaster Chrome and how to vacuum Phallosan Forte, Penimaster PRO

Penis Extenders: basic rules of application

Since varieties of extenders provide for a different type of fastening, they have significant differences in the methods of putting on and fastening on the penis.

We put on a rod extender

Extenders SizeGenetics, Male Edge, Penimaster Chrome have a mechanical type of attachment. The peculiarity of their fastening is the need to pull the penis in length with one hand, and the second to compress the springs and tighten the head with a loop or strap.

Since a certain skill is necessary for this procedure, an adaptation period is provided for this type of extenders – from 1 to 4 weeks, when it is better to use the device at home. Gradually increasing wearing time. This is due to the fact.

That is the absence of experience: firstly, pain may occur that you need to get used to, and, secondly, the mount (loop or strap) can loosen or fly off altogether. One of the devices aimed at reducing pain is the use of emollient materials or a bandage worn under the strap.

Avoiding contact of the device with the bare skin of the penis, it is possible to provide fairly comfortable conditions for wearing the extender. Such dressings not only ensure the absence of pain but also contribute to a better fastening of the device.

To do this, one layer is applied under the head. In this case, you need to move the foreskin. The second layer must be applied to the head, giving it an additional volume for better fixation of the extender. The third layer is wound on top of the first two to hold them together.

To fully fix the rod extender, it takes from 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the user’s skills.

We put on a vacuum penis straightener

Modifications such as Phallosan Forte, Penimaster PRO, in which the main fastening on the head is due to the presence of a vacuum cup for the head of the pence, put on as follows.

For better adhesion, the gel is applied to the latex membrane of the cap and a pair is connected. Under the influence of vacuum, the head itself is drawn into the chamber of the cap.

Once inside the chamber, the membrane tightly fits the head, repeating its anatomical shape. In this case, the gel acts as a reliable fixative. Thus, the entire process of fixing the vacuum extender takes from 5 to 30 seconds.

The most important difference between barbell extenders and vacuum extenders is that the latter has the least contact with the surface of the penis. Due to this, there is no discomfort and pain from using the device.

10) How long to use and what to expect results?

Result: Miracles are planned sequential actions

Of course, an extender is not a magic wand. Therefore, for a lasting result, you must first make your own efforts. It may be necessary to take bioactive supplements in order to accelerate metabolism and activate regenerative processes, especially for middle-aged and elderly men.

Since the most active phase of cell division is observed during the first 6 months, it is very important not to abandon training in the first week and choose the right modification. In the adaptation period, a short period of time using the extender is allowed in order to get used to the sensations. The time of use in the main period should not be less than 6 hours daily. The general course is approximately 6 months.

11) Frequently asked questions: side effects, comfort, safety, durability, parts, online purchase

Actual questions about the capabilities and effectiveness of penis stretching devices

Perhaps some men are afraid of the appearance of the device and from distrust, he is not ready to consider it as a treatment method. Here are the most common questions that arise for those who have not yet decided to purchase an extender.

Are there any side effects from using the extender?

The only side effect is a possible lengthening of the stem of the penis. Otherwise, proper use of the device is not associated with a risk to health or life.

How comfortable is using the device?

Outdated modifications may cause some discomfort or pain during the first attempts to use. At the end of the adaptation period, they pass. Vacuum extenders are the most comfortable models. They are least in contact with the stem of the penis.

Can a penis straightening device aggravate Peyronie’s disease or harm health?

Using an extender according to the instructions cannot aggravate the course of the disease.

What is the life of the penis extender?

Most manufacturers give a lifetime warranty on their models. If defects are found, you can return the device, subject to purchase on the official website, and receive your money.

Where can I purchase spare parts or supplies?

Most of the modern models in the delivery set have basic consumables and additional rods for constructing the required length. In the event of loss or shortage of any elements, they can always be purchased on the manufacturer’s website.

What are the benefits of buying online?

Purchasing a penis straightener online has several advantages:

  • maintaining the confidentiality of purchase;
  • providing a guarantee of originality and the possibility of returning the device;
  • receiving technical support;
  • the opportunity to get acquainted with certificates and test results.

12) What else helps – tablets, Androvacuum Premium vacuum device

Speeding up the outcome: adjuvant therapies

When treating Peyronie’s disease and correcting congenital curvature of the penis, the user has a choice: wait six months or shorten the duration of treatment.

To significantly accelerate the achievement of the expected result, you can use additional methods of treatment. These include: taking bioactive drugs and using pumping – a vacuum pump for the penis.

Their effectiveness is based on creating additional favorable conditions that would accelerate the cure:

  • dietary supplements containing L-arginine activate the regenerative functions of the body and contribute to the rapid build-up of a new layer of healthy cells in those places that, under the influence of tension by the extender, experience maximum loads;
  • penis vacuum pumps, such as AndroVacuum Premium, enhance blood circulation, better adhesion of biological products, and soft stretching of erectile tissues.

Such an integrated approach can reduce the course of treatment by almost a third.

13) Why is it better to use a vacuum pump and an extender? For example, AndroVacuum Premium

Effective tandem: penis pump + penis extender

The alternation of methods such as an extender and a penis pump in terms of curvature correction provides a more rapid onset of therapeutic effect.

At the same time, the extender fixes the position of the penis, and the pump fixes the result due to a powerful rush of blood in all cavities and vessels of the penis. Thanks to this effect, erectile tissues are saturated with oxygen and turgor improves.

The Androvacuum Premium Medical Air Air Pump is the most efficient vacuum pump. This is a certified medical device, the action of which is based on the difference in pressure, causing a rush and increased blood circulation in the penis.

It has been proven to be effective in treating Peyronie’s disease and achieving a significant effect in terms of reducing the curvature of the penis. Since the disease often entails a violation of erectile function, the use of a vacuum pump can successfully eliminate it. Regular use of Androvacuum Premium helps restore a stable and lasting erection.

14) How to choose the right device: an individual problem, a doctor’s consultation, reviews on forums, comfort, or a quick result (vacuum extenders are comfortable, rod-type extenders are more effective)

Key selection recommendations

The penis has a complex structure. But it is important to remember that its tissues are quite thin and they are characterized by a high degree of adhesion. Therefore, the use of extenders of dubious origin can significantly harm health. One of the main conditions is the purchase of the device directly from the manufacturer.

Also, when choosing an extender, you need to consult your doctor. It will help to choose the right modification that will cope with a specific problem, and will also give recommendations regarding the time of use and the rules for changing tension.

Also, the user has a choice: comfort or quick results. This is due to the fact that vacuum extenders are more convenient to use, but not always their capabilities can provide the necessary tension and adjust its trajectory. Barbell models have more such opportunities, but their use is associated with some discomfort and the need for an adaptation period.

15) Conclusions: straightening the penis is important for sex life, eye contact, self-confidence

The dependence of penis health and sexual activity: something that cannot be neglected

Low self-esteem, lack of sexual attractiveness, problems with an erection – all these unpleasant consequences of Peyronie’s disease or congenital curvature of the penis, which can and must be eliminated with the help of an extender. At the same time, there is no need to go under the surgeon’s knife, risking forever losing his manhood.

In most sexually active women, a direct erect penis causes a brighter attraction than a penis with a defect or curvature. Therefore, in order to successfully satisfy their sexual needs, vivid and intense sexual activity for men who have problems with the appearance of the penis, it is necessary not to postpone the solution to this issue.

After all, the sooner you start, the faster you can forget about the trouble. An integrated approach and a responsible attitude to the use of extenders is a 100% guarantee of an excellent result. And that means restoring an active sex life.

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