Penomet Pump Review, Pros and Cons. BUYER’S GUIDE

As many men already know, Penomet is a unique, powerful and efficient hydro penis pump, that offers natural penis enlargement. The interchangeable one-of-a-kind gaiter system is what makes Penomet great penis pump to use for those that seek to quickly and easily enlarge their penises.

Quick note
Penomet gaiters can be changed easily, and different gaiters come with different pressures.

How to Use Penomet Gaiters?(Review)

A simple workout is required, and then you can see the positive results for yourself. Usually, the results are visible within the first twenty minutes of using Penomet. Many men have reported that have gained a few inches in length and all they have done is just an exercise with their penis like you exercise other muscles of your body.

Good about Penomet gaiters is that they are backed by scientific studies, and they have proven to give stronger and longer erections, as well as increase the satisfaction from the sexual intercourse.

Penomet gaiters are made of silicone that is very easy and soft for your skin. Some of the other water-based penis pumps on the market use harder rubber, but Penomet gaiters are very soft and feel nicer on the penis. The gaiters are removable, which makes them a good buy for anyone that does not want to buy new pumps when their older one becomes obsolete constantly.

All you have to do is just put a stronger gaiter and enjoy your penis enlargement exercise. Purchase penis pumps that have fixed gaiters is not advisable, because if the fixed gaiter tears then the pump will become useless.

Did you know?
With Penomet you can simply upgrade your existing pump every time the manufacturer decides to release a new gaiter that is more powerful or has a different shape. Today there are five different Penomet gaiters with different strengths. Learn more about each one of them and then use the one that is most suitable for you.

Penomet Review(Gaiters)

Force 60 is the first Penomet gaiter, which is the least potent. This is an ideal choice for those men that start to use penis enlargement pumps. Every beginner should start with this pump in lowest strength because using the strongest gaiter could easily damage your penis if you are a beginner.

Force 60 gaiter has a distinct purple color and is applied over the bottom of the penis tube in the same way as the other gaiters of this system.

After Force 60 comes the Force 65, and this is a slightly stronger gaiter. This blue gaiter is not very powerful, but it is better than Force 60. After you have used the Force 60 for some time and got used to it, you can proceed using this gaiter.

Force 70 is next in line, and this black gaiter has a middle strength. It is included in the Standard and Extra packages of Penomet collection and is a pretty good gaiter to use for intermediate penis pump users.

Force 75 is one level above Force 70. This one is grey gaiter which can be obtained if you buy the Penomet premium package. Usually, Force 75 is gaiter used by men that look to increase their penis girth by more than an inch.

Finally, Force 80 is the most powerful gaiter you can find in Penomet collection. It has a nice red color, and this gaiter is included in the premium package. Force 80 is a very thick gaiter, and it is advised you used this one after previously trying all of the mentioned gaiters. This is because this is a very strong gaiter that it is a bit hard to push. However, it provides great results in the end.

All in all, Penomet gaiters are a great way to increase the size of your penis by using one pump with few interchangeable gaiters. What makes Penomet pumps excellent is the fact that you can easily adjust and try different gaiters with different strengths.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money on buying new pumps all the time, then you should consider buying a Penomet penis pump and use different gaiters for your needs. Penomet gaiters bring great value for money, and many satisfied customers are proof that anyone can successfully increase their penis by using Penomet gaiters.

Penomet is one of the best penis pumps on the market. You can find Penomet reviews on blogs, male enhancement forums, social media. It’s recommended by doctors for penis enlargement.

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Penomet Pump Review, Pros and Cons. BUYER’S GUIDE
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  • Scientifically proven
  • Industry's first and only certified pump
  • Innovative interchangeable Gaiter System
  • Visible results within a 15 minutes
  • Award winning product


  • You need to use it every day for 6 months
  • Initial results are temporary