How to Increase Penis Girth? Pumps, Extenders and Pills [RESULTS]

You have probably heard about penis length and girth.

They are common terms when describing penis size, but do you know what exactly they mean?

Does Penis Length Matter?

Quick note
Penis length describes how long the penis is, starting from the base near the stomach to the tip of the penis head. You can improve penis length using natural penis enhancement pills(e.g. VigRx Plus), exercises, penis pumping(e.g. Bathmate Hydromax) or stretching(e.g. Quick Extender Pro).

Penis girth specifies how thick the penis is. The circumference is bigger when the penis is erect because that is when more blood enters the penis and makes it larger.

It’s harder to increase girth, so the best way to make it bigger is to use penis stretching devices like the Quick Extender Pro.

TOP 3 Penis Girth Enhancers of 2019

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#2. Bathmate Hydromax Pump

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#3. VigRx Plus pills

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Both penis length and girth are important for having a satisfactory sexual experience. That’s why it’s recommended to use the Bathmate Hydromax penis enlargement pump to make your corpora cavernosa bigger. When you take penis enlargement pills and do penis stretching with an extender, your penis tissues can become larger. More blood is able to enter the penis, so your erect penis can become 1-4 inches bigger in length and 1.5 inches bigger in girth.

How to Increase Penis Girth Using Bathmate Pump


Medical information
Numerous studies have been conducted today and research has been done to find an answer regarding which is more important, the length or the girth.

Some women care more about the length of their partner’s penis, while others pay more attention to the girth. Is one better than the other?

There is no simple answer to this complex question. While many believe penis length matters the most, that is not necessarily true.

Penis Girth vs. Penis Length

Did you know?
Penis girth might be more important than length when it comes to having pleasurable sex. Penis traction is the best way to increase penis girth. We recommend buying the Quick Extender Pro because its construction and technology is the most powerful in today’s market.

Thick penises will likely stimulate the woman more because women have plenty of nerve endings around the entrance of their vagina.

Long penises with a narrower girth will be unlikely to stimulate as many of those nerve endings. Also, there are fewer nerve endings inside a vaginal canal in comparison to the vaginal entrance. 

That is why many women prefer thicker penises because that way their clitorises are more easily stimulated and they are more likely to reach an orgasm.


An interesting fact is that the depth of a womans vagina is much longer than the average penis length. This means women will not be stimulated with a small penis, so the length is important.

To better stimulate a woman, it’s important to increase your penis length as much as your penis girth. Bathmate Hydromax is the easiest way to increase both length and width in a few months.

You will need to spend only 15 minutes each day to get significant results. There is no need to do any exercises or use penis stretching devices.

Penis length is something that women think about really often, although most men are worried about this. An interesting fact is that the depth of a woman`s vagina is much longer than the average penis length.

This means that women will not be stimulated with a small penis, so the length is something that you should worry about.

Quick note
Both length and girth are changeable factors, and you can improve their size quickly and naturally. Penis length can be extended by taking VigRx Plus supplements or using the Quick Extender Pro device.

The same applies to penis girth. Today, you can find quality products on the market with which you can increase the length and girth of your penis.

Some pretty good penis pumps like Bathmate Hydromax use suction force and create a vacuum to make your penis girth much bigger naturally.


If you are not happy with your penis girth it is advisable you try some of these excellent products mentioned above.

Thick Penis Helps to Please a Woman Faster

Men usually think that a longer and thicker penis is something that will impress a woman and this is true. A thicker penis gives a man more significant confidence and a stronger belief in his sexual capabilities.

If the size of your penis is small, you are not alone. Millions of men have the same issue, but this is a problem that can easily be solved by using the Bathmate Hydromax penis pump or Quick Extender Pro device.

In the past, talking about penis girth was considered a taboo, but talking about penis size is something very normal today. Those men who are satisfied with the length of their penis as well as with their thickness are men who enjoy sex more.

Sex therapists emphasize the importance of penis girth and its effect on people`s sex lives. You can consult a professional regarding this matter to get more informed about how you can improve your penis girth.

The essential thing to keep in mind is that there is no ideal penis girth. That is very subjective and differs from one person to another. What one person considers big and thick may not be the same in comparison to another person.  If length and girth are things that worry you, then you should know that you have numerous helpful options available to correct them – the Bathmate Hydromax is the best one.

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How to Increase Penis Girth? Pumps, Extenders and Pills [RESULTS]
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