Best Penis Pump. How to Use it for Penis Enlargement?

If you continue to experience discomfort and inconvenience from poor penis parameters, then it’s time to discover the best penis pumps with which the penis will become longer and bulky.


The action of the vacuum and hydro pumps Bathmate Hydromax and Penomet is aimed at stretching the cavernous tissues of the penis, by activating the blood flow. There is a rating of the best penis pumps available on the market.

How do Penis Pumps Work?

Maximum tightness is created inside the working chamber, after which the man begins to pump out air and part of the water. This creates an erection. By each pump, there is a flap valve. Use the valve to loosen pressure to unleash the remaining water and pressure from the tube.

The pumping procedure should be performed within 15 minutes, making a 60-second break between the three-minute exercises. For the rest period, all the liquid should be discharged from the chamber. Please follow this link to choose one of Bathmate pump according to your penis size.


Why Use the Best Pump?

We offer you to look at the list of benefits that every man experience who uses a Penomet hydro pump in practice:

  • A safe and effective accessory that has repeatedly been tested in clinical trials;
  • Due to the presence of water inside the chamber, a safer stretching of cavernous tissues is provided, with no risk of damage to the penis;
  • The Hydromax top rated pump is made of environmentally friendly and harmless medical raw materials that are not capable of causing irritations and negative reactions on the skin;
  • Both hydro pumps have a patented formula of impact, and also comply with the International Standards of Quality and Safety;
  • In addition to the increased parameters of the penis, the quality of sexual life is significantly improving. The erection becomes more powerful, the potency and libido are enhancing.
  • Simplicity and painlessness of use.

How Long to Wait for Penis Growth?


It is necessary to undergo an 8-month course to get a visible effect of using the Penomet hydro penis pump which will be noticeable not only to the man, but also his soulmate. However, as a rule, the first positive result occurs much earlier. That’s why it’s recommended to choose the top-rated device, that is tested by thousands of clients.

The Best Hydro Pump Reviews

Despite the fact that all the designs of Bathmate and Penomet hydro pumps are extremely similar to each other, there are still some differences that a consumer should know about:

Bathmate HydromaxPenomet
Bathmate Hydromax is a high-quality hydro pump with a built-in rubber gaiter for pumping. The peculiarity of buying a device is that a man must select a model by the current parameters of the penis. The tool does not need special care and also has an affordable price.
The Penomet penis pump has some advantages over its competitor. First, the Penomet water pump has a universal size, which is suitable for men with any parameters of the penis. Secondly, Penomet has several removable gaiters, which are different in strength of the pressure they create. As a standard, the manufacturer offers only one gaiter. However, anyone can purchase non-integral components also.

Adverse side effects during the clinical studies were not identified. This is also confirmed by numerous user surveys.

If you want to become more courageous and sexy, you should think about penis enlargement. It is straightforward to achieve the desired results with the help of the best penis pump called Bathmate.

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